Aztec Adaptive Sports is an SDSU Recognized Student Organization (RSO). Our goal is to educate and introduce the SDSU community to adaptive sports. We have already helped build the first ever collegiate level adaptive sports program on the west coast: the SDSU Adapted Athletics.


Join our student organization as we listen to Paralympic Athletes’ stories, participate in wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and track & field events, and volunteer at regional adaptive sports events. As a member, you can surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are passionate about providing competitive sports opportunities at SDSU for all athletes, as well as helping the surrounding San Diego community. Students of all abilities are welcome in our student organization!


To ensure students of all levels of ability have access to fitness and athletic programming, from recreational to elite, at San Diego State University, and a community of support around them.


The Aztec Adaptive Sports student organization was founded by Kathy McCarty, then instructor in the adaptive fitness clinic at SDSU, in the 2015-2016 academic school year. While attending an adaptive sports youth camp she realized that SDSU did not offer any adaptive sports to its students. She later teamed up with Dr. Antoinette Domingo, assistant professor in the DPT department at SDSU, and together wrote and won grants that helped jump start the program.  

In fall of 2016, the duo came across their first adaptive athlete at SDSU, 2016 Track and Field Paralympian, Ahkeel Whitehead. With Ahkeel on the team, a new wave of passion and enthusiasm was infused into the program as he was the first athlete to compete for Aztec Adaptive Sports. In Spring 2017 the team put together the first adaptive sports colloquium in Montezuma Hall which introduced the idea of an adaptive sports program at SDSU. This event was organized by Ryan Lieu, head of operations of Aztec Adaptive Sports, and had 150 people in attendance. This event rippled throughout the community and has caused many to begin to look at SDSU as a place to house adaptive sports.


A warm welcome to the newest officers of the student organization for this year!

Madeline Nelson


Peter West


Caroline Kam


Jashan Gill


Justine Buenaventura

Event and Service Coordinator

Taylor Santos

Media and Marketing

Executive Board 2019-2020


Antoinette Domingo 

Faculty Advisor